Employee Scheduling and Timesheet System – Source code and Report

Employee Tracking System


The objective is in the biggest organizations will use the website for the purpose of time-sheets entry system.  Every employee will have a separate login to enter into the system and enter the time-sheets.  In this project there will be 3 users like Administrator, Reporting Manager and Employee.

It is an intuitive web-based time tracking system for gathering and tracking project and employee time. It is designed to reduce project costs and to help you complete your projects on time and on budget.

Functional Requirements:

  • Track any number of projects and tasks. Define your company’s organizational structure (groups, employees, projects, and tasks). Assign rates by employee, project, or task for time billing purposes.
  • keep track of incomplete employee time sheets.
  • Online help is just a click away.
  • Multiple authorization levels to control access to data.

Non-functional Requirements

  1. Secure access of confidential data (user’s details) should be provided.
  2. 24 X 7 availability of the application
  3. Application should be accessible over Internet.
  4. Better component design to get better performance at peak time
  5. Flexible service based architecture will be highly desirable for future extension.


  • Administrator
  • Reporting Manager
  • Employee
  • Authentication
  • Search
  • Communication
  • Reports


  • Add the different Project IDs, Project Names, Project Start Date, Project End Date details into the System.
  • Accept the registration of Reporting Manager.

Reporting Manager

  • Should able to register to the site with Experience details.
  • Should able to Reset Password.
  • Should able to login to the system.


  • Should register to the site with his Experience details in the Current Company, previous Companies.
  • Should able to Reset Password.


This module provides security to the application.  Every user should enter correct user name and password to proceed.  This request will goes to database and check the user existing.  If you entered wrong user name and password then it prompts you “Incorrect Username or Password…”


This module is for Message Center. It is same for all Employees in company for in Intra mailing facility provided for each user.


This module is used to print various online reports. This module will be enabled only to the admin type of users.


  • Administrator
  • Reporting Manager
  • Employee


Generic Technology Keywords                : Database, User Interface, Programming

Project Keywords                                       : Presentation, Business Object, Data Access Layer

SDLC Keywords                                           : Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing


Software Specification:

  • Operating System : Windows XP or above
  • Database : MySQL
  • Web Server : Apache
  • Web Technologies : HTML, CSS, Java Script.
  • Code Behind : PHP
  • Client Application : Internet Explorer 6.0 or above

IDE & Tools                                                   : Dreamweaver

Hardware Specification:

  • Processor : Intel Pentium or above
  • RAM : 512 MB Ram
  • Hard Disk : 40 GB